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Signs That Indicate That You Have A Damaged Drain

A damaged drain could lead to major disruptions in your home and can get frustrating when you are trying to find out what the cause of the issue is. By ignoring any signs, it could get very costly and time-consuming to fix a damaged drain. If you would like to know about the signs to look out to avoid this, please carry on reading or get in touch by calling on 01782 641 499 or 07714 116 093We offer services throughout Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Stoke-On-Trent, Leek, Stafford, Market Drayton, Crewe, Sandbach, Nantwich and Uttoxeter areas.

Signs Indicating a Damaged Drain

It is very important to deal with any signs that indicate a blocked or damaged drain. The reason for this is that it could lead to further problems, such as bacteria building up and getting transmitted into your home. Here at G-King Construction, we have listed a few signs that you can look out for. 

Water Draining Slowly

This is one of the obvious signs to look out for, it usually means that you have a blockage in your system. Whether the water is draining away slowly from your toilet or your shower, it is important that this gets looked into to avoid any further issues. 

Foul Smell

Ever noticed an unusual smell coming from your drain? This could be an indication of a blocked drain. A blocked drain usually occurs when food debris gets stuck in the pipes and slowly starts to decompose. As it starts to decompose, the smell starts to appear. If the smell continues even after it has been cleaned, then it might be a sign that you have a damaged or collapsed pipe. 

Damp and Mould 

If you see damp or mould on the floor or the walls, you should not ignore it! When a drain pipe gets damaged or collapses under your property, it hinders the movement of water causing damp and mould. If you notice any damp or mould on the floor or the wall, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

These are just a few signs that we have listed that indicated a damaged drain. Get in touch with us by viewing our contact details down below to find out more. 

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